Personalized Oncology


There has been a revolution in treatment advances for patients with cancer. These include explosive development and use of both targeted therapy and immune based therapies. The most effective use of these new treatments require access to advanced tissue and blood diagnostics. Unfortunately many patients and oncologists cannot easily access these new diagnostics advances because they live in areas with limited access to laboratory services.

Protean BioDiagnostics is committed to creating and deploying the latest and highest quality laboratory diagnostic tools to support physicians committed to providing the best possible care for their patients regardless of where they live.



Our Mission


Our mission is to help cancer patients and their doctors navigate the confusing and rapidly changing world of advanced diagnostic options to help them obtain the important information they need to treat their patients with the latest and most effective therapies.





Anthony Magliocco, M.D.

Dr. Magliocco has over 30 years experience in tissue pathology, research, molecular diagnostics, and digital image analysis. He has founded and led multiple laboratories and has overseen the deployment of numerous new laboratory tests in his career in both Canada and the USA. He has published over 200 research articles, has numerous patents applied, and is a frequent invited speaker to international diagnostic technology meetings. In his research he has developed new digital image analysis methods and has created numerous new diagnostic tests for use in better selecting treatment plans for patients with breast, ovary, lung, bladder and many other cancers.




John Sauickie

John is the Managing Partner of an investment advisory firm which manages the assets of Trusts, Foundations, and High Net Worth Investors. John also serves as a volunteer Executive in Residence at the Moffitt Cancer Center where he assists the centers innovators with the commercialization of their innovative ideas and therapies. He is also a serial entrepreneur where he has led the founding of several companies that have been acquired or taken public. He has extensive experience in valuation analysis and designing corporate structure. John also served as VP at Merrill Lynch prior to starting his own company.  He received his BA from William Paterson University.