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Dr. Magliocco has over 30 years experience in tissue pathology, research, molecular diagnostics, and digital image analysis. He has founded and led multiple laboratories and has overseen the deployment of numerous new laboratory tests in his career in both Canada and the USA. He has published over 200 research articles, has numerous patents applied, and is a frequent invited speaker to international diagnostic technology meetings. In his research he has developed new digital image analysis methods and has created numerous new diagnostic tests for use in better selecting treatment plans for patients with breast, ovary, lung, bladder and many other cancers.

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Mr. Morsani graduated from Oklahoma State University with a BS Degree in Trade & Industrial Engineering. Upon graduation he was employed by Ford Motor Company for 5 years. He left Ford Motor Company to embark on a career in the retail automotive business. Mr. Morsani has owned automobile dealerships since 1970. He has owned over 40 companies primarily automobile dealerships in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky and Nevada. He has been involved in public policy since 1971. He was Chairman of the Board of the United States Chamber of Commerce in 1986. He and his wife of 65 years have two daughters. He and Carol have been involved in philanthropy in the Tampa Bay area as well as Oklahoma State University. They both have received honorary Doctorate Degrees from Oklahoma State University and University of South Florida in Tampa.  They have traveled extensively in order to be informed of world affairs and culture.