Clinical (CLIA) Services


Clinical Laboratory Services, such as blood based screening, targeted therapies, immuno therapies, and clinical trials.

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Oncology MAPS™

Oncology MAPS™ is the core clinical pathology product that Protean will launch.

Oncology MAPS™ is a knowledge support system which supports clinical decision-making by oncologists for cancer patients.

Oncology MAPS™ is a comprehensive system for collecting, organizing, integrating and reporting meaningful clinical information for ordering physicians. It is an innovative, unique and disruptive product that will change the way that cancer pathology will be performed in the future. Oncology MAPS™ has the potential to transform oncology practices by providing community oncologists with one stop access to the very latest diagnostic technologies, including expert second opinion pathology. Protean will do the work of assembling the very best expert pathology review teams, the latest approved laboratory tests, the newest innovations and a continuously updated knowledge engine to support the clinical work of community oncologists.

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Breast MAPS

Breast MAPS™ is a system for organizing and collecting pertinent medical and laboratory data to support the accurate diagnosis and management of breast cancer patients.


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Oncology Maps Continued

Protean intends to develop a suite of additional Oncology MAPS™ systems to support the management of other forms of cancer.