Personalized Oncology Services



Our system is continuously updated ensuring your testing is compliant with the latest guidelines. We can also tailor and customize testing to your specific needs.

-       Advanced diagnostics

-       Expert Pathology

-       Testing integration

-       Molecular analysis

-       Liquid Biopsy

-       Genetic analysis

-       Advanced data integration with machine learning


Oncology MAPS™

A unique evidence based, continuously updated,  integrated data based decision support system facilitating the practice of personalized oncology.

The component modules of the Oncology MAPS™ system includes

  1. Pathology and medical case review with data aggregation

  2. Historical and current pathology specimen case reviews

  3. Coordination and organization of specialized testing including IHC, ISH and molecular biomarkers customized for specific tumor sites and client oncology groups

  4. Facilitation of obtaining data from latest liquid biopsy and genetic analysis assays

  5. Support for clinical trial qualification eligibility

  6. Research support for biomarker development


Protean intends to develop a suite of additional Oncology MAPS™ systems to support the management of other forms of cancer.